There is a land, far to the north, where the Lost are gathering. Far above the town of cows and contentment, north of the conjoined cities and their unfeeling dead, the cities of twin harbors are filled with a secret world. Some come to feel joy, though Spring has long departed from these dreary lands. Some come to unleash wrath, as Summer’s blades lie hidden in every rock. Some come to expose fear and wield the terrible might of Autumn’s murky depths. But most come out of sorrow and the hope that old Winter will protect them against the Wild Hunt. But even the Lords Unbidden can’t change one fact: the Day of Iron is coming, and woe betide those who live to see it.

The Year of Frozen Iron is a Changeling campaign set in modern day Duluth, MN. The fae court in charge of Duluth is known as the Court of Frozen Iron. There will be four distinct sections to the campaign, each separated from one another by about 2 months game time. The seasons will be Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, and one final Day of Iron session. Characters will begin just as they are escaping through the Hedge and into the city of Duluth.

The Year of Frozen Iron

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