Wulf Vunderkind

True Fae/Vampire God Hybrid


Strengths: Everything

Weaknesses: Grues, falling rocks

Armament and Equipment: 11 dots in brawl/unarmed: (chews with lasers, so his bite is especially deadly) 11 dots in melee: Wields twin chainsaws named Saber-Death and Toby. Each chainsaw has blades made of alternating silver, cold iron, and fire, and each is coated with a potent neurotoxin. This makes them deadly to all things.

Fighting style: Diverse. Usually he does aggravated damage (see chainsaws above). When he gets really angry he causes bashing damage instead…when he throws the earth at his opponent.

Equipment (carried): The Book of Fate, Scales from Nidhogg, the dragon who eats the roots of the World Tree, Cloak of invisibility, 33 cents in loose change

Powers and Disciplines: Potence 11 (immune to paradoxes of weight. See creation of the sages above) Fortitude 11 (can’t be destroyed. If he is destroyed anyway, he can will himself back into existence) Protean 0 (what could he possibly turn into that’s cooler than he already is?) Celerity 11 (moves at the speed of Awesome, which kicks light’s ass when dramatically appropriate)

Special discipline: Wulfinate 0 Wulf’s Will: Roll willpower plus presence (if you really feel like it). For each success, Wulf can create one deity who’s domain can be anything Wulf specifies. This can be anything from ‘God of DoubleHell Nightmares’ to ‘God of making Jack’s socks disappear in the laundry’ 00 ? 000 ? 0000 ? 00000 ?


Wulf is a mysterious enigma of unknown depths (which are also enigmatic). His backstory is written in the very fabric of our universe, but has been partially deciphered and passed down by generations of dragon-wizards. Most of these dragons have exploded from the mere awesomeness that is Wulf.

In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then one day (we shall use the vernacular here, even though Time Itself did not exist without the Wulf) Wulf Vunderkind willed Himself into existence. From that moment on, Awesomeness entered the universe.

But Awesomeness alone could not create time or matter, so Wulf created gods to do his bidding. Each of these nascent godlings believed that he/she/it was the one True God, and to some extent they were right; for each had dominion over a unique facet of creation, and Wulf himself was, as stated previously, above gods.

This lead those few who knew of Wulf to ask the question “Can Wulf create a rock so big that he cannot lift it?” These idiots were being foolish. Of course he can, and to prove it, Wulf made the aforementioned rock and smashed their stupidness out with it. These were the first sages among men.

But soon Wulf became bored with absolute power, and consulted his sages. Even after their enlightenment, the sages could not think of anything that could possibly challenge him, and in anger he banished them to perpetual insignificance, rotting away in academia. Then, it came to him like a Wulf from the Void: he would forget his godly power and walk the earth as the Avatar of Awesome. THIS was the beginning of our hero’s story.

Before he gave up his (not godly, as was previously stated he was above gods) power Wulf created the mystical dragon-wizards in order to document his travels. You see, while he still had his power Wulf’s Awesomeness was contained by it and therefore could be made harmless or at least not deadly. Those who would document his travels would get a concentrated dose of Awesomeness as he would now be the Avatar of Awesome, and he had to construct them to be hardy and strong. The first attempt, the sages, were incinerated, then exploded. The second attempt, bunny-sorcerors, turned into pustulant boils. Then exploded. The third attempt, tortoise ninja-warlocks from beyond the 13th moon, were able to withstand the Awesome but were far too slow to keep up with Wulf’s Awesome pace. So they too exploded. Finally, the dragon-wizards were created; a little less hardy than the tortoises and slower than the bunnies, but at least they could keep up and write for a while before exploding.

The beginning of Wulf Vunderkind’s saga on Earth was foretold by a rare celestial event: the simultaneous occurrence of a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in the same place and at the same time (which only happens every 8 and a half billion years). Many bards have sung that Wulf’s parentage is shrouded in mystery, but this is not (technically) the case. Wulf was in fact spontaneously formed from the quantum foam.

More to come… or is it(?)

Wulf Vunderkind

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