Michael Lightheart (Deceased)

Timid and nervous by nature, Michael comes out of his shell only for righteous acts


Micheal’s “angelic” Keeper stole him from Catholic boarding school as a child. At first, Arcadia seemed like the heaven it was warped to resemble, but that was before he learned the fate of those who sinned in this paradise. It seems that his Keeper plays at goodness, but anyone in his service who missteps must endure brutal, unremitting tortures for the rest of their wretched lives. Perfection can only be sustained for so long, and Michael escaped at his first opportunity to avoid the fate that awaits the fallen in his Keeper’s service.

Michael resembles a western, idealized form of an angel. He has pure white wings, piercing blue eyes, and silky blond hair. His time in Arcadia has left him shy and chronically anxious, and he only comes out of his shell when righteous acts are discussed or performed. Conversely, it is not uncommon for him to have a panic attack when sinful acts are discussed, let alone performed in his presence.

Despite his traumatic experience in Arcadia, Michael retains a deep faith in God.

It was recently discovered that Michael was forced into working with the Privateers in the local hedge. His brother Peter was abducted and held indefinitely under threat of death. In order to keep him alive, Michael agreed to abduct humans and changelings on behalf of the Privateers.

Shortly after delivering HUGO (PC) into the hands of the Fae, Michael was assaulted by a mysterious assailant and fell into a deep coma. Due to profound and mystical healing arts being brought to bear on him, he had just begun to recover when he took a mysterious turn for the worse and died.

Rumors: Michael plays at being “Holier than thou”, but he’s secretly got an Argentinian mistress and a coke habit. Michael found a $250 scratch ticket on the ground once, and ended up returning it to the manufacturer when he couldn’t find the person who purchased it. Micheal’s got a brother who’s pretty high up in the Catholic church.

Quote: “You got the new Dave Mathew’s album via bit torrent?! Uh…umm…I need to go now. Is that okay? I’m sorry.”

Michael Lightheart (Deceased)

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