Black John

Headsman of the Court of Frozen Iron


Court: Autumn

Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Gargantuan

Favored Weapon: Iron axe


Black John is the headsman for the Court of Frozen Iron. How he came about the position is a bit of a mystery- he seems to have always held the position for as long as anyone can (or is willing to) remember. What people do know is why he is called Black John- his mien includes a dark shadow over his face in the same manner as a headsman’s hood and will deepen or lessen depending on his mood. In addition his hands or gloves are occasionally matted with dried blood, especially when he is performing his duties. He is also notoriously absent at other freehold functions and no one is sure what he does for a living. He will show up to do the Autumn court’s bidding, but is otherwise seen only sporadically around town.

Black John is a very taciturn man- he rarely speaks, and when he does it is in one word sentences that get his point across. Most of the time he relies on his sheer size, intimidating glowering and simple gestures to get his point across.

Note: Image taken from, the artist is James Wolf

Black John

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