Erasmus Bolt

Brother-Captain of the Knights Mendicant and Feldmarshal of Duluth's Summer Court


Changeling Seeming: Elemental Kith: Fireheart/Levinbolt (not sure which) Court: Summer Entitlements: Knight Mendicant


Erasmus Bolt is an important man in Duluth’s freehold. Second in command of the Summer Court, founder and Brother-Captain to the Knights Mendicant and possessor of many potent Contracts and tokens, he is a man to be both feared and respected… except by mortals. To them, old Erasmus is that strange homeless man who wanders about either on foot or that rusty bycicle of his. You see, Erasmus has been fighting for a long time, longer than he can remember, and each year has exacted its toll on his mind. His code of chivalry has protected him from the worst degenerations, but the acts he has been forced to commit over and over to protect the freehold and Duluth eventually wore him down. The disparate positions that he is in on his fae and mortal sides no doubt helped this breakdown along, as in one he is a respected member of society, while in the other he is seen as a bumbling drain upon it.

Still, Erasmus tries his best to live up to his knightly ideals, and indeed it is this knight mode that constrains his thinking these days. Whether it is rescuing cats from trees, beating up gang members or riding down hobs and Fae on his trusty steed, Erasmus is a knight and unrelenting in his quests.

Appearance: To mortal eyes, Erasmus is the epitome of the crazy bum. His hair and beard are long, gray and unkempt. He wears a pot on his head, a tattered black suit with far too many buttons and big leather boots. He carries a long iron bar, which appears to be stolen from a wrought iron fence and uses it as a staff. Occasionally he is spotted riding a rusted old bicycle, and a faded brass pocket watch hangs from a loop around his neck.

To the fae, he is a much more impressive specimen. Astride his steed of molten brass he charges down the streets of Duluth and the pathways of [[the Hedge]], brandishing his mighty iron spear, his heraldric token-banners flapping in the wind. His helm shines with the light of the sun even in darkest night, and arcs of electricity coruscate from his straightly combed metallic beard and molten silver eyes. His armor is crafted from the skin of mighty hedge-beasts and is light as spider silk on his skin. The tarnished pocket watch remains, however…

Erasmus Bolt

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