George Plum

Spring court ogre bar owner


Seeming: Ogre

Kith: Cyclops

Court: Spring


George Plum is a brewer/bartender over at the Bridgetroll Brewery, a brewery that is predominantly operated and owned by the Spring Court. George is a very pleasant person- he always has a smile on his face and just wants people to be happy. He does this with his impeccable senses of taste and smell, which allow him to prepare delicious brews for his guests. Oftentimes they include hints of goblin fruit as he tries to unite his mortal and fae lives. He is very proud of his position as Knight-Joyeux in his court and often serves as the face of the organization, despite his lack of tact. His cheer is fairly infectious and serves a great first impression of the court to new changelings.

He runs the bar/brewery with Cheerful Simon, and in fact is the person who gave Simon his ironic moniker. Simon of course has declared vengeance for this.

George also has a wife, Samantha, and a daughter, Sasha.

George Plum

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