Jack Smith

The G-Man


Court: Winter

Seeming: Unknown

Kith: Unknown

Favored Weapon: Unknown

Rank: Unknown


Jack Smith is possibly the perfect servant of the Winter Court. Any information that can be gathered on him is completely unreliable, right down to his finger prints. To his neighbors at “home” (if he truly HAS a home) he appears to be human; to his coworkers (if he truly HAS a job) that job is his only one; to the Changeling community he is a ghost that inhabits one body after another. Oftentimes it is unknown if Jack even exists- he might just be an urban legend perpetuated by the Winter court to scare everyone into cooperating, as you never know when Jack Smith might be listening in. Many changelings in Duluth have their own “Jack Smith story”, and odds are that none and all are true.

Various rumors surrounding Jack Smith:

- he’s actually a Gentry spy, as how could anyone blend in as well as he can without help from the Fae?

- he’s the product of a secret government experiment designed to either curry the Gentry’s favor into helping us win the Cold War or used against Them in it… and NOT the Cold War that you are thinking about.

- he tricked a fae/Fae into stealing his image, so now his soul has free reign to choose anyone else’s as payment

- every December 21st he steals all of the cash from Bridgetroll Brewery

- he exists and doesn’t exist simultaneously thanks to Contracts of Uncertainty

- Jack was a guest star on an episode of Doctor Who and the experience was so traumatic that he can be warded off with blue police boxes or by using stalks of celery as badges

- he’s a privateer/loyalist who must steal a changeling away every year or forever fade from this world

Jack Smith

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