Jenny Twicecut

Unbending Lord of Wrath of the Summer Court


Court: Summer (Unbending Lord of Wrath)

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Soldier

Mantle (Summer): 5

Favored Weapons: Baby’s Breath and Nametaker


The Ballad of Jenny Twicecut
by Emilia Beat

The First Cut took her Hope
All for a baby’s breath…
The Second Cut took her sight
And left her there for death.
But Jenny, she was stronger
And swore a pact with Wrath.
And Jenny, who was vengeful
Marched down the old warpath
Her hair of flashing crimson
Reflecting all the Sun’s might
Her swords and guns and axes
To devour her Keeper’s light
The first cut took his lungs
All for a baby’s breath
The second cut took his sight
But that was not his death
The third cut took his tongue
So he could tell no more lies
The fourth cut took his heart
Though it was small in size.
The fifth cut took his name
To never be spoken again.


Jenny might have been a beautiful woman once, but years of hatred and hard living have driven that out of her. Her eyes are always narrowed and her brow furrowed with impending menace. One of her eyes has a large jagged scar going down it, and the eye itself has been replaced with a glowing silver liquid.

Her canines are also a little too long, and her skin is like leather to the touch. She has powerful muscles though her overall figure is not very large.

Jenny likes to wear clothing that reveals her midriff when on court business, though not to show off her tightly toned abs. It is more the deep, ugly looking scar that snakes up from her crotch that she wants others to see, to remind them of the lengths and depths to which her vengeance goes and where her wrath comes from.

Everything about Jenny gives the impression that she will not yield.

Still, there is a bit of warmth in her. She empathizes with other changelings who have had torturous experiences and really, truly wants to help them overcome their fears. They must be harder and want to fight through pain, fear and sadness. Only then can they keep themselves and their loved ones safe. She especially empathizes with women who were abused, and Heaven help the man that Jenny catches.

Jenny has been the Lord of Unbending Wrath for a few years now, and is as rage fueled as any of her predecessors. She slew her Keeper to escape from Arcadia, but when she found him very much still alive she began the unprecedented journey to fully slay her former master. Many discussions with the Autumn court, as well as what some rumor to be an actual showdown with Summer itself yielded the mighty Nametaker. Armed with this and a host of other weapons she departed into the Hedge for several months. When Summer came around again Jenny once again emerged from the Hedge, Nametaker and a new, glowing blade at her side. None could remember the name of Jenny’s keeper, and Jenny claimed that she had bested the creature once and for all.

Since then Jenny has begun a new campaign of vengeance every Summer, with the goal to punish those that have proven to be the most danger to the freehold in such spectacular manner that no others will try. This often means tracking the beast down, besting it in battle, but then torturing the unfortunate creature so that it truly understands what pain is. Nametaker is only pulled out for these battles, as to use it utterly destroys what the target was, and even then sometimes the goal is to send the message back that the Freehold is not to be messed with. Even the threat of Nametaker in a duel has been enough for any sane Changeling to back down from the Lord of Wrath.

Jenny Twicecut

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