Jimmy Twostep

Moth-man, firefighter


Jimmy is a mid-level Spring courtier. Jimmy “Twostep” is so called because despite numerous attempts to quit smoking, he can’t quite kick the habit. He escaped from the Hedge when he was 14, and he’s been a loyal member of the Spring court for 15 years now.

Unlike many of the Spring court, Jimmy isn’t a social butterfly. He is unquestionably loyal to the few friends he has though, and throws himself into his work with reckless abandon.

Just prior to the Spring court’s ascent to power, Jimmy was called to the scene of a conflagration at the Holiday Inn in Duluth. Rushing courageously into the burning building, he found a little boy trapped on the top floor. With the flames blocking their exit, Jimmy had no choice but to jump from the 7th story window, using his powers as a changeling to glide to safety.

Unfortunately, Jimmy’s act of heroism and his miraculous survival were caught on film by a bystander and widely circulated online. It’s been widely dismissed as an impressive fake, but given the unwelcome scrutiny that such celebrity can bring, Winter saw no choice but to exile Jimmy for the good of the Freehold.

Jimmy Twostep

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