Richard Eye

Summer Court Master at Arms and Dreamcrafter


Richard doesn’t remember much of his life. He knows that he was involved in World War II and was in Japan for sometime, but besides that his past is a blank. All that he can remember is his Keeper coming to him in the guise of a rice paper geisha, flowing, razor sharp strands dragging him painfully into the Hedge.

Richard is the Master-at-Arms of the Summer Court, which means that he trains the new recruits, as well as any other changeling who wishes to become more combat ready. He combines standard training with his facility for dream crafting, weaving instructional sessions into ordinary objects so that the lessons will play out in dreams.

In mortal life Richard is a martial arts trainer in a small dojo in downtown Duluth. He is trained in several different forms (probably from his stay in Japan, but he can’t remember) and is also skilled in firearms. He is an often enough sight at the local gun range and is good friends with the manager.

Richard is now missing an arm and is under suspicion of murder. Yay.

Richard Eye

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