Thomas Hartswood

Former English noble, now secluded beast farmer


Seeming: Beast
Kith: Runnerswift (Deer)
Membership: March Lord


Thomas was an English aristocrat who in the late 1800s decided to go on a hunting tour of America before there was nothing left to shoot at. He journeyed from the East coast through the West and made his way up to Duluth to take a ship that would transport him to some of the hunting in Canada. Everywhere he went he took tokens of his kills- a buffalo horn here, an antler there, etc. Two days before his journey to Canada he was hunting in the North Woods for elk when a Fairy Lord spotted him. The lord admired his skill, but was terribly interested in whether or not he would do so well on the receiving end. So the lord captured poor Thomas and turned him into a deer, where he proceeded to hunt him down every day with his trusty blunderbuss and pack of hounds. Eventually Thomas made his way back to the world when he strayed far enough into the hedge. He returned to Duluth, only to find that much had changed. He was now 80 years out of date, and his family name and fortune were but a memory. With help from the Winter court he got a new identity and some land and quickly became an exceedingly useful member to the freehold. His hunting skills were never better, and his aim with a rifle was very true. The Fall court wanted him for a ranger, the Summer for a soldier, the Winter because of his debt. In the end he decided to join none and retired from the political scene to be one with the earth on his newly acquired farm. A trod opens onto it, and he patrols it every night and makes sure that the neighbors stay away from it.

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Thomas Hartswood

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