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  • Don Ness

    Quote: "Mayoral candidate Michael Robbins recently sued mayoral candidate Don Ness for accusing Robbins of being a murderous child pornographer. But Robbins had previously said he was against clogging courts with frivolous lawsuits. Wouldn't that make …

  • Mr. Palmers

    Quote: "CIA? FBI? NSA? No, I'm afraid I don't belong to an organization with initials."

  • "Crazy" Eddie (Presumed Deceased)

    As far as anyone can tell, "Crazy" Eddie does nothing but eat, sleep, train, and fight. He is covered head to foot in tattoos (the most prominent of which is a skull tattoo on his face), and over the past year and a half he's made quite a name for …

  • Lawrence "Destructo" McGee (Deceased)

    Lawrence "Destructo" McGee's meteoric rise in the world of Mixed Martial Arts has made him a living legend. He is the favored contender in his upcoming bout with "Crazy" Eddie, though there are some who say that the match will change his status …