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  • George Plum

    George Plum is a brewer/bartender over at the Bridgetroll Brewery, a brewery that is predominantly operated and owned by the Spring Court. George is a very pleasant person- he always has a smile on his face and just wants people to be happy. He does this …

  • Tick Tock Jack

    A cheerful, friendly, starry-eyed bartender with a tendancy towards random acts of brutal violence. While in the hedge, his beloved twin sister KNEW that the Fetch which replaced him was not him, and bludgeoned it to death with a brick.

  • Jimmy Twostep

    Jimmy is a mid-level Spring courtier. Jimmy "Twostep" is so called because despite numerous attempts to quit smoking, he can't quite kick the habit. He escaped from the Hedge when he was 14, and he's been a loyal member of the Spring court for 15 years …