Court of Frozen Iron

The Court of Frozen Iron has existed in its current incarnation for over two centuries. The Lost were attracted by the large iron deposits surrounding the growing city, the perfect weapons against their oppressors. Duluth soon became somewhat of a capital for the Lost in the region, attracting fae from all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. This has led to Duluth having far more fae than its size would suggest… which of course has led to the attentions of the Gentry. They have tried to make moves on the city over the years, but the hand forged weapons of the fae and the policy of discretion that the Winter Court has enforced have driven them off again and again.

Of the season Courts, Winter is the dominant force in Duluth, as the cold season never seems to leave quite when it should. This gives the court the ability to force the other courts to comply with its demands, and means that much of the Freehold’s bylaws are focused around with Summer and Autumn coming in close second and third. Spring maintains a distant fourth, thanks to the brevity of the season and the reserved nature of Minnesotans.

The leaders of Duluth like to call it the “Fortress in the North.” The Winter Court (obviously) dislikes this moniker, but to some extent it is true. Huge amounts of iron weapons, plus large numbers of fae have made it one of the safest places to be. Of course, if the Fae ever had to focus intently on the city, it would crack, and for every new changeling, the chance that one is a privateer or loyalist increases.

Freehold Meeting Place

The changelings of Frozen Iron have a central meeting place in the tech center in downtown Duluth. The space is mostly empty, and the freehold headquarters are listed under 4 Seasons Tech Consulting so as not to raise suspicions. There is a doorway into a hollow located inside, but this place is not used for most functions, only for those that require being in the Hedge. The Hollow is carefully maintained and its wards are all up to snuff. Rangers have scouted out the surrounding Hedge, but even with every precaution it is still less safe than Earth.

Court of Frozen Iron

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