The Court of Autumn

Fall is the season of fear and magic, of exploring the unknown. The hedge around Duluth is one of the wildest and strangest known to the fae thanks to the strange effects that iron has had on its surroundings. Most of the Fall courtiers are engaged in patrolling the hedge, trying to understand its strange nature. To this end they have taken up jobs in the woods and at sea. A few have even worked their way into the government as police officers or bureaucrats. That’s probably what makes them so scary- you never know in what form they’ll show up to strike fear into your heart. They are in charge of making sure that humanity stays away from certain trods and gateways that are scattered in the wilds and seas around Duluth, a task they are only too well equipped to carry out.

Number of fae: 18

Organizational Structure

Magister Primaris (leader): Haven’t decided

Headsman: Black John

Ranger: Thorn

Minister of Shadows: Catherine Flicker

Initiate of the Shadowed Path: Julia Swoop

The Court of Autumn

The Year of Frozen Iron Darc