The Court of Summer

The reason that there are so many changelings in Duluth is because of the iron mines, and the Summer Court intends to capitalize on this benefit. Many Summer courtiers have jobs dealing in some way with the iron industry- either in operating a forge for touristy gimmicks, mining the stuff out of the earth, or managing the enterprise. Either way it is tough work, but ensures that the freehold has a steady supply of iron weapons to combat the Fae threat.

Number of fae: 10

Summer works well with others in Duluth and is the most visible representative of the importance of the Frozen Iron Freehold. Iron weapons are slowly but steadily churned out of Summer forges and are used to arm the Iron Spear first, other courts second. While they may not have the same level of weaponry as Summer, the other courts do not generally begrudge them their improved weapons, as they have proven many times over the years that they are the ones to wield them. With the overflow the Iron Spear often does contract work with other freeholds around the world, giving them a bit more of a cosmopolitan edge than their appearance might suggest. Summer often thinks that Winter is hiding important strategic information, but has little enough evidence to prove it. They have an understanding with Fall, as the Iron Spear only has so many troops to go around. Better to have the mortals be afraid of the forest and the “haunted” pier than waste more of the Summer Court’s soldiers.

Organizational Structure

Unbending Lord of Wrath (leader): Jenny Twicecut

Feldmarshal (second in cmd): Erasmus Bolt

Master-at-Arms (trainer): Richard Eye

Royal Smith: Damon

The Court of Summer

The Year of Frozen Iron Darc