The Hedge

The Hedge around Duluth has a few general regions.

The first is The Wild, which incorporates the woods and mountains around the cities. It is made up of the standard thorny briars, with dense copses of fir and ashes adding to the mix. The cries of the briar wolves are never far away in the Wild, but the goblin fruits are plentiful and many hidden hobgoblin enclaves are scattered in hidden recesses just off the path. Many are helpful (for a price, of course), but then again just as many are not…

The second is The Greatest Lake. Lake Superior has been the site of many mysterious disappearances over the years, and this upwelling of fear and mystery has made the waters there fertile ground for the Hedge. The Hedge can be entered accidentally by blowing the wrong series of fog horns on a misty night, and there are plenty of underwater coves that can be easily entered, but not so easily escaped. Many powerful tokens rest within the Greatest Lake, and there are many ancient, buried evils that lie there as well. In all, if you are seeking adventure and powerful foes and rewards, the Greatest Lake is the place to go.

The third is The Inevitable Urban. Have you ever left the main part of a city and tried to get into the country, only to have suburbia stretch on and on? That is exactly the feeling that the Inevitable Urban inspires, as once you enter the houses stretch on for infinity in all directions. The thorns here are made of razor sharp picket fences, neatly clipped thornbushes and broken down apartment complexes that seem to stretch for miles and days in each direction. The hobs here are more… civilized than in other parts, but don’t take that to mean that they are safer.

The fourth, and most unique to Duluth is The Iron Blight. Due to the large amounts of iron located in the earth in the Iron Range the Hedge has had an adverse reaction in some parts. None of the normal fae beasts dwell here, but rusted thorns and creaking, metallic dangers still exist. In the center of the Blight lies an immense ornate palace ringed all about with deadly iron spikes that point inwards. If you wish to explore you will find many interesting things and can earn powerful aid. However, take my advice: approach cautiously, answer truthfully, and don’t swear to anything in jest; the Marquis does not take oathbreakers or liars lightly…

The Hedge

The Year of Frozen Iron Darc